Conveyancing Committee


  • The Committee shall carry out delegated functions as from time to time required by the Council of the Law Association of Zambia.
  • The Committee shall be the expert unit of the Law Association of Zambia Council in matters relating to Conveyancing, land alienation and the attendant financial incidentals thereof.
  • The Committee shall to the extent possible coordinate with the relevant Government Ministries and departments and local authorities in connection with all matters relating to land in so far as the same affect the Law Association of Zambia and the general public.
  • The Committee shall co-opt as its ex official member, the Chief Registrar of Lands and Deeds or his/her delegate.
  • The Committee may consult any expert in matters of Conveyancing or land alienation subject only to the approval of the Council should such consultation involve financial remuneration for the said expert.



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