HIV / AIDS Committee


  • In conjunction with human rights committee, to promote and protect the rights of people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.
  • TO advise the council on matters related to HIV and the law.
  • TO empower committee members to better understand HIV-related matters common to Zambia and in comparison to the region.
  • IN conjunction with the CPD committee, to encourage continuous professional development for lawyers to better appreciate the link between HIV and the law.
  • IN conjunction with the women’s rights and litigation committees, to carry out public interest litigation on HIV-related matters especially as they affect groups most vulnerable to HIV.
  • IN conjunction with the legal aid committee, to provide free legal advice on HIV and the law to the indigent.
  • TO widely disseminate information to members of the public on HIV and human rights.
  • TO participate in commemorating VCT and world aids day.
  • iN conjunction with the law reform committee, to give guidance for law reform to contribute to an environment that better respondes to hiv in zambia.
  • IN partnership with civil society organisations and other professional bodies, to contribute to a legal environment that better addresses HIV in the country.
  • To influence the development of HIV workplace policies for the law association of Zambia and individual law firms.



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