Intellectual Property & Business Law Committee


  • Co-opted members include the Registrar of Trade Marks or his/her representative.
  • To evaluate the role of the Intellectual Property & Business Law viz a viz objectives of the Association;
  • To harmonise the aims of the Intellectual Property & Business Law with those of LAZ as established;
  • To identify gaps and areas where the Intellectual Property & Business Law would provide its skills and proficiencies by:

i)                    Educating Advocates on Intellectual Property and Business Law

ii)                   ii) Educating the members of the public on the importance of Intellectual Property through          seminars, workshops, the media (TV, radio and newspapers) and giving talks/lectures

  • To contribute and make recommendations by way of comments on Intellectual Property and Business Law legislation expertise.
  • To establish contact with foreign institutions/bodies (e.g. law firms in South Africa, WIPO) and gain from their experience
  • To establish a library specialising on Intellectual Property and Business Law publications and material in conjunction with the Patents and Trade Marks Registration Agency (PACRA) for use by LAZ members and Intellectual Property agents.




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