Press Statement on the Increasing Incidences of Violence

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has noted with increased concern the escalating levels of violence in the Country.

LAZ strongly condemns the mounting political violence being exhibited in the Country. The levels of political intolerance in the country have reached unprecedented levels such that if not checked, will plunge the Country into anarchy. LAZ is particularly alarmed by the apparent unwillingness on the part of the Police to maintain law and order in the country. The failure to investigate and or prosecute some known perpetrators of political violence has led the victims of political violence and society at large, into believing that the Police is not according all its citizens equal protection of the law. As a result of this clearly wrong belief, the victims of violence have now resorted to publicly declaring the wish to arm themselves.

Further, LAZ is also concerned about the growing impunity with which political party cadres are conducting vigilante activities as demonstrated by the recent threats by Patriotic Front cadres on the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority officers, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema at an Ndola radio station and on Action Aid Youths during the recent Youth Day Celebrations.
LAZ is however, gratified with the public statement made by the Minister of Home Affairs warning all perpetrators of crimes that they will face the consequences of the law regardless of their status. It is the hope of LAZ that the Police will follow up on this timely statement by the Minister and ensure that law and order are maintained and enforced in the country without fear or favour.

As Zambia prepares for the Golden Jubilee, its citizens cannot be expected to celebrate its independence in an environment of fear and intimidation.
George Chisanga

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