Farewell Speech to Mrs. Beatrice Grillo and Mr. James Banda

The Chairperson of the Oasis Forum and of course our Guests of Honour Mrs. Beatrice Grillo and Mr. James Banda.
We are saying a long overdue farewell to both Mrs. Grillo and Mr. Banda. Both put tremendous passion, dedication and energy into their respective organisations, NGOCC and LAZ which organizations they represented as Convenors of the Oasis Forum. As champions of Constitutionalism, peace and the rule of law in Zambia their names and faces become synonymous with the Oasis Forum and its objectives. Now at the end of their respective terms in office we bid them farewell and a well earned rest and return to normalcy! James is fond of saying that with retirement comes irrelevance – far from it. I know that all the members of the Oasis Forum derive great benefit from the wisdom and counsel of both Mrs. Grillo and Mr. Banda and will continue to call upon you for the foreseeable future. And we know you will continue to cheer us on from the sidelines.
So enjoy your retirement, we wish you all the best.

Linda C. Kasonde (Ms.)


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