LAZ Press Statement Dated 22nd September 2016 on the Number of Ministers And Provincial Ministers to be Appointed by the President Under the Constitution And The Qualification of Nominated Members of Parliament.

Following several media queries on the question of the number of Ministers and Provincial Ministers to be appointed by the President of the Republic of Zambia (”President”) and the question of whether Honourable Felix Mutati, Honourable Lucky Mulusa and Honourable Nathaniel Mubukwanu qualify to be nominated Members of Parliament, the position of the Law Association of Zambia is as below stated.

Pursuant to our mandate to assist the public in understanding legal issues of national importance under section four of the Law Association of Zambia Act, LAZ has considered the relevant provisions of the Constitution on the offices of Minister and Provincial Minister and is of the view that these are two separate offices created by the Constitution with different functions assigned to each office. Whilst ”Ministers” are members of Cabinet under Article 113 and 266 of the Constitution, ”Provincial Ministers” are not members of Cabinet.

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