Oasis Forum Press Statement Dated 3rd November 2016 On “State Capture” And The Proposals To Extend The Presidential Term In Office

The Oasis Forum is keenly following events in South Africa where the Public Protector’s report on “state capture” of the South African government by the Gupta family has just been released by order of the High Court. The Forum is heartened to see that strong institutions such as the judiciary and the Office of The Public Protector have played an important role in strengthening good governance in South Africa. The Oasis Forum sees no reason why
this cannot be the case in Zambia.
The Oasis Forum is able to draw parallels between the concept of “State capture” in South Africa and the capture of citizens by the State in Zambia. The Zambian form of “State capture” has manifested itself in the gradual shrinking of the space for independent media, decreased public confidence in the judiciary, increased police brutality and now the proposed extension of the presidential term of office from five years to seven years by Mr. Paul Moonga, a Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee.

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