LAZ Press Statement Dated 30th November, 2016 On The Nullification Of Parliamentary Seats And The Recent Attacks On The Judiciary

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) strongly condemns the recent attacks on the Judiciary by State House Press aide Mr. Amos Chanda on ZNBC’s Sunday Interview following recent court judgements nullifying the parliamentary seats of some Members of Parliament from the ruling party. The statements by Mr. Chanda appeared to suggest that any judgement against a Member of Parliament from the ruling party was not in the interests of justice. The statements went further to suggest that there would be repercussions against any Judge that rules against a ruling party Member of Parliament. These comments are extremely unfortunate in view of the fact that many of the election petition cases have gone on appeal to higher courts and are therefore sub judice. The comments appear to have been made in an attempt to influence the decisions of the appeal courts on these matters. The threatening comments by Mr. Chanda such as that the Judiciary “must not be like politicians” and “must not push the Executive to push judicial reforms [in] the Kenya style” are unacceptable and indeed, in our view, contemptuous.

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