LAZ Press Statement Dated 12th February 2017 On The Continued Attacks On The Judiciary

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has recently noted that certain print media organisations have continuously published articles and reports which criticise and attack the  character and integrity of the judiciary and particular Judges. The said articles and reports seem to criticise decisions made by Judges in cases which are before the Courts of law. LAZ is saddened by these publications as they undermine the independence of the Judiciary and deprive the particular Judges a right to be heard and respond to all allegations.

Zambia is a democratic society which has embraced the concept of separation of powers. This concept guarantees independence of the Judiciary such that, Judges and other judicial officers should have freedom to decide cases impartially, in accordance with their interpretation of the law and facts of a case in the decision-making process.

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LAZ Press on the continued attacks on the Judiciary0001

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