Clarification On The Scale Fees In The Legal Practitioners (Costs) Order, Statutory Instrument No. 6 Of 2017

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Following the publication of the Legal Practitioners (Costs) Order, Statutory Instrument No.6 of 2017 (”the SI” ), members of the Remuneration Committee and indeed the Secretariat, have received a number of queries from Legal Practitioners on whether the fees indicated in the SI are expressed in Kwacha or fee units.

Members are hereby advised that the fees stated in the SI are in fee units. The Committee notes that there was an omission of the words ”fee unit” below the words ”Applicable Scale” on pages 17 to 21 of the SI and under the words ”Maximum Fees” and ”Maximum Fee” on page 22 thereof.

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Letter on Fees- SI No. 6 OF 2017

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