Remarks by Ms. Kasonde, President of LAZ Delivered at the Breakfast Meeting for Parliamentarians to Celebrate the Achievements of the National Legal Aid Clinic for Women in the Provision of Legal Aid Services in Zambia at the Taj Pamodzi Hotel on 11th May, 2017

The Law Association of Zambia is pleased that you could join us this morning to celebrate with the National Legal Aid Clinic for Women in its achievements in providing legal aid representation to vulnerable women and children. The National Legal Aid Clinic for Women was established in 1990 by the Women’s Rights Committee of the Law Association of Zambia to provide affordable legal representation to women and children from marginalised social sectors.

The Law Law Association of Zambia as you may be aware is established by Act No. 4 Chapter 31 of the Laws of Zambia. Under Section 4 of the LAZ Act, LAZ is mandated to consider legislation relating to legal aid and other ways of securing representation for persons who for any reason are unable to secure it, and to make recommendations to the Government therein; and to establish machinery for the provision of legal aid in addition to that provided by the Government. It is through this mandate that LAZ is able to realise its objective of providing access to justice for women and children who usually cannot afford to pay legal fees to private lawyers to represent them in their pursuit of justice.

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