OASIS Forum Press Statement On The State Of Democracy And The Rule Of Law In Zambia And The Need For National Unity

A few weeks ago, the Zambian National Under-20 football team took to the international stage to showcase Zambian football talent. Whilst watching them we Zambians knew no tribe, we knew no political affiliation. We rallied behind the team because they were Zambian and they represented the best of what we are as a nation. We were united in victory and in defeat; proud of what we had achieved, proud of our flag. Similarly, fifty-three years ago the people of Northern Rhodesia – people of every race, tribe, gender and creed, formed a union under one flag. One Zambia, One Nation. We shared a common dream for peace, unity and prosperity for all our people. Now that we are back to the ordinary business of our every-day lives, once again the divisions along tribal and political lines are becoming evident. We have reached a point in our history where our flag no longer represents a symbol of our common purpose and identity. The ugliness of hatred and division threatens to lower our flag to half-mast.

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