OASIS Forum Dated 4th July 2017 Press Statement On The Occasion Of Heroes And Unity Day

The origins of Heroes and Unity Day stem from Zambia’s struggle for independence. Out of the struggle heroes were made in the pursuit of independence and national unity. But what is the relevance of these holidays in modern times? Our present-day struggles are for economic empowerment, adequate health and education and the freedom to pursue our dreams unfettered from any shackles. Who are our modern-day heroes? They are the grandmothers struggling to clothe and feed their orphaned grandchildren; they are the parents who are trying to make ends meet to raise their families; they are the teachers and doctors that are trying to serve our people in difficult circumstances. They are you and me struggling to get by, trying to thrive where we only exist. Our leaders too are called upon to do their part to make Zambia a better place; and they can only do that if they put the people of Zambia first.

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