LAZ Committees

The Law Association of Zambia which is established by an ACT of Parliament carries out its work under various Committee as stated below:-

Conveyancing Committee

Objectives: The Committee shall carry out delegated functions as from time to time required by the Council of the Law Association of Zambia. The Committee shall be the expert unit of the Law Association of Zambia Council in matters relating to Conveyancing, land alienation and the attendant financial incidentals thereof. …

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House Committee

Objectives To take care of the funeral of deceased members and in special cases members’ illness; To promoted interaction among members; To promote Bench/Bar interaction. Membership

Young Lawyers Committee

Objectives: This Committee was established at the Annual General Meeting which was held in Livingstone in April 2014 to handle issues concerning the Young Lawyers at the Bar as well as Young Lawyers at Heart. The Committee has been meeting and additional  objectives are yet to be forwarded to the …

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Human Rights Committee

Objectives: Undertaking prison/detention centre visitations to ensure observance of Human Rights; Observe the compliance rights standards at both domestic and international levels; Sensitising members and the general public on Human Rights; Advising the Council on legal instruments that pertains to Human Rights; Recommend litigation of Human Rights cases to Council …

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International Relations Committee

Objectives To foster the establishment of links between the Law Association of Zambia and Associations of Lawyers in other jurisdictions and to work with such Associations in areas of common interest To lobby for the ratification and domestication of international Conventions and Treaties. To encourage Law Association of Zambia members …

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Litigation Committee

Objectives: To spear-head litigation on the part of LAZ; To prosecute and defend all matters in which LAZ is interested; To act as the conduit for the distribution of all litigation matters among its members; and to the Association’s general membership if necessary; To develop the law through litigation by …

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Women’s Rights Committee

Objective: The main objective of the Women”s Rights Committee is to oversee duties of its main Project which is the National Legal Aid Clinic For Women that was established in 1990. The Projects mandated inter-alia, to develop law as an instrument of Social, encourage Lawyers to serve the people, deal …

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HIV / AIDS Committee

Objectives: In conjunction with human rights committee, to promote and protect the rights of people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS. TO advise the council on matters related to HIV and the law. TO empower committee members to better understand HIV-related matters common to Zambia and in comparison …

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Legal Practitioners Committee

The Association handles complaints from the public through its Legal Practitioners’ Committee (LPC). The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) Council, in accordance with the Law Association of Zambia Act, Chapter 31 of the Laws of Zambia, appoints Legal Practitioners’ Committee Members. The Committee meets once every month at Midlands and Copperbelt to determine …

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Law Reform & Constitutional Affairs Committee

Objectives: To proactively conduct research on potential areas of legal reform and make necessary recommendations to Council; To research, consider and make recommendations to the Council/Association on proposals on law reform referred to the Association by various stakeholders; To recommend, where necessary, the harmonization of local legislation with internationally-acceptable standards, …

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